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Posted: July 22, 2009 in Religion

thumbnailCADKFG2KLet us not enforce our belief upon those who disagree with us. Instead, let those who hold truth lovingly and patiently persuade those of a lesser spiritual intellect into right thinking. We should not get upset when atheists bash Christianity or use disparaging words to demean followers of Christ. When those of a different religion begin to call us bigots and liars, we should respond not in anger but in concise rebuke, full of truth. When we can’t answer a certain theological question or complaint then we should respond in honesty and say, “I don’t know”. We will certainly look like fools if we debase ourselves if we use too much extra-biblical nonsense that contradicts scripture. Simple truths are drastically underestimated when defending the faith. Simple truths can be easily remembered by an unbeliever and may undoubtedly gnaw at the darkness inside them if it is retained in their heart. In my opinion, we should not try to convince an unbeliever by shoving the truth of the cross down their throat. It may work for some people but I think the majority will heave truth back up from being “fed too much food.” You have to work people into believing by feeding them small bits of God’s truth and this is done by speaking with goodness and practicing what you preach, while at the same time praying for them to understand the light of God.


Posted: July 22, 2009 in Religion

Why don’t we sing in desperation? Why don’t we cleave to the hedge of a rock? The cliff that we’ve fallin’. Explosion to implosion, we can’t get it out! Give intelligence to a stone, what will it do? It will sit there and ponder all of life’s stories, never to participate. It will struggle to move and struggle to talk, but it cannot! It will be taken away in the  flooding torrent.  No matter, what is the point of struggle, only to torture oneself. Capable of so much, capable of too much! What cruelty. What torture to be stationary while things move about. Why is this so? What is the end? What is the meaning of such punishment? Why do I ask when no answer is given? Don’t tell me I have eyes, for I cannot distinguish the light from the darkness. What are my thoughts but drifting fog and spurts of energy? I will speak my mind for what it’s worth! If but a penny dropping in the well. What is the point of my words if they condemn me to hell? Where is the work of my hands after the earth crumbles in decay? Complete meaningless in my eyes!
No mercy is given, no light shines upon. No warmth from the sun will thaw the shivering innocent! Day after day, year after year, wicked things happen to the good. I tell you, the good suffer much more than the wicked! Why does evil hold the keys to death in this world? Why is corruption so seductive and why does man crave it so easily?
Put down! Put down the evil one of this world! Cast him into darkness and fill his mind with humanities past sufferings! Let him take the brunt of punishment or otherwise destroy it completely, never to be thought of again. Funnel everything against the light into the blackness of night and let it’s memory cease! For everything I see has been affected. Every good thing on earth has been infected by evil.
Also, I speak for not only man, but animals as well. They are held together by the same components that man is made of. They suffer from atrocities just like man and sometimes worse! Do you not think that God of Heaven and Earth created them and delicately knit them together in their mother’s womb as well? If He were to look away, would they not fall apart! Yes, He cares for His creation, including the beasts of the earth. Is there equality among us? Of course not, you fool! Although man is far above the beast, God is infinitely far above them all.
Disarm yourselves, you men of battle, bent on destruction from morning till’ night! Yes, your empire was given the world but it made you fat and lazy! Your dependence turned from right to wrong and from God to your god. You hold your flag of independence above those you enslave. Money has become your god and you seek to make more out of nothing. You have risen but you will fall. You see your fate and you hear the war drums approaching. What will you do? I will tell you what will happen. Some will stand and some will fall, but the vastness of your nation will shrink and some of your power will be taken. But like all things a replenishing will come. Like the fire that destroys the dry branches so too will many be destroyed. But new roots will grow and water will speedily replenish the land and reposition the rocks.

Angelic Offspring

Posted: July 22, 2009 in Religion

thumbnailCAAAEOO4I write to you at this time because I am a huge proponent of the creationist world view. I understand that only a handful of biologist, geologists, etc. hold to this branch of science and the ones who oppose and disparage the credibility of the creationist movement do so because of certain biases and/or fear. I also would like to say that creation science has always had an opposing force and certain theories erected by those not of the mainstream scientific crowd have been attacked because they were “far-fetched”, “inconceivable” or just downright “strange.” But these theories have been proven true to creationism, whether or not they are expressed within mainstream science. That is why I propose to you today something that may be thought of as far fetched and probably a little strange. I have made it short because I respect your precious time with the business of the days.
I’m sure you are familiar with the story of the flood and how mankind was destroyed along with the rest of creation except for Noah, his wife, his three sons and their wives. Then of course, pairs of every species were brought aboard the ark in order to save them also from the great deluge. Unfortunately, the only animals that we know who went into the ark were livestock, creatures that move along the ground, and birds. We can’t say for sure if this included dinosaurs because the text doesn’t specify each animal by name or description, although it’s plausible to assume that dinosaurs were not brought aboard due to their enormous size, untamable nature and other more devious reasons as I will explain.
What is interesting is that the precursor to the flood was a time in which the sons of God came to earth and married the daughters of men. The result of this was a species born from the women called the Nephilim. (Genesis 6:1-8) Most people agree that the sons of God were disobedient angels that left their place in heaven to fulfill their lusts on earth and the Nephilim that were born of this perversion were known to be giants and much more powerful than their human counterparts. For some reason, when the angels had children they were always giants. Most would also agree that angelic beings are far superior in intelligence and strength and are probably able to mutate or shapeshift their angelic bodies in order to look like humans or…..other animals such as Crocodiles, Salamanders, birds, and mammals.
Maybe, just maybe, the dinosaurs that we know of are actually hybrids as well. What if these same disobedient angels began to have intercourse with the beasts of the earth, including mammals, reptiles, and birds. The result of such a relationship would be monstrous beings that would roam the earth in violence. As it was with the giant offspring of humans, so it would be with the giant offspring of reptiles, mammals, and birds. What we now call Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Anklyosaurus, Saber-toothed Tiger, Pterodactyl, and Ichthyosaurus may be the result of mating between angels and animals already created by God.
What would happen if a fallen angel had intercourse or somehow transferred its DNA to an Iguana? What would the result be? I think it would turn out to be a humongous lizard or…dinosaur. What would happen if a corrupted angel had intercourse with a Crocodile or Komodo Dragon? Would its offspring be an Allosaurus or T. Rex? Or is it possible that the Pterodactyl’s first parents were a blackbird and an angel? It seems far fetched but if angels can corrupt mankind then it is seems plausible that they can corrupt the beasts of the earth as well.
If this is the case then God would have had them destroyed in the great flood since they were not of the original creation and were an abominable corruption of the animals that roamed the earth. This would also explain why they are not mentioned at all in the Genesis account.
Although it’s hard to say exactly what animals the angels chose to pervert themselves with, it is conceivable to say that Crocodiles, Frogs, Bats, Lions, Sharks, Iguanas, and other original beasts were used to fill the lust of angelic beings. But why would God allow such a thing to take place? Free will is the key answer. Even the angels had the freedom to do this. God probably wouldn’t stop the creation of a baby inside the womb of a mother who was evil and whose husband was evil also, knowing full well that this same child would grow up to be a murderer. He still knit that baby together inside the womb and cared for it. It is the same with the giant offspring of the angels, whether they be Nephilim or dinosaur. God may still had had a part in creating something that goes against His will. Yet, God wanted to destroy them in the flood because he was grieved that he had made them: “So the LORD said, “I will wipe mankind, whom I have created, from the face of the earth-men and animals, and creatures that move along the ground, and birds of the air-for I am grieved that I have made them.” (Genesis 6:7)
Forgive me if this idea seems out of the ordinary but I believe this theory explains a lot of questions and patches up certain holes within creation science and intelligent design. Please feel free to correct any false assumptions I may have been unaware of relating to this idea, as well as elaborate on things I may have missed. Thank you for your time.