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The United States of America is known throughout the world as a beacon of freedom, a land of opportunity, and a melting pot of mixed races. All who live here understand that we must abide by the rules of the land and adhere to the constitution which the forefathers of this great nation wrote and lived by. Citizens of this land should understand that their freedom was won by the brave blood of thousands and that our freedom must still be fought for when faced with adversaries from within and from abroad that threaten our right to live with a way of life that we chose. We are free to speak our mind and to challenge those that we have put in authority over us. We are free to make a fortune and to live a life of luxury as we are free to live in a cardboard box and beg for sustenance. We choose our destiny and no structured government has the right to tell us how to live our life.

If I ran a motel, I would of course charge each and every tenant for their stay. All charges for their stay would include food and beverage, pay-per-view, room service, etc. The one reserving the room and the one renting the room have a mutual agreement that is written in contract and payed for by credit card or cash. While at the motel, your free to use the pool, the beach access, and all premises of the motel property. Complimentary breakfast is served every other day as well.

What would happen then, if secretly at night, small groups of people would sneak past the premises and break into the rooms and start raiding the refridgerator. On top of that they would start buying and watching pay-per-view and begin using the shower and toilets. No money was given to the owner and on top of that a huge mess of garbage was left behind for the maids to pick up. Now the owner has to raise the prices on the customers who are paying the regular price because of the illegal activity of a few. He also has to hire more security to patrol the premises because some of the offenders are known to use violence.

This is what’s happening in America today. Illegal immigration is costingĀ  taxpaying American citizens billions of dollars per year to pay for the rape of our welfare system and law enforcement. It’s time to lock the doors, close the windows and set the Brinks Home Security Alarm. If not, then we’ll be overran by a culture that refuses to integrate and refuses to abide by the law of the land.

Lastly, I should say the next time you see a migrant worker and say under your breath, “damn illegals should go back where they came from and stop stealing our jobs!”, you may want to consider that a lot of these people are modern day slaves that are forced into some of the worst working conditions out there and are sometimes not even paid. We have to remember that although these people are breaking the law, sometimes they have no choice. Whether it’s the necessity of needing to feed their family by risking life and limb to travel hundreds of miles to work for minimal pay or by being forced into migrant work by modern day slave traders, these men, women, and children should never be looked down upon because of their lot in life.