statement of faith

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Uncategorized
Statement of Faith
All scripture from our current bible is free of error and it is Spirit-breathed and inspired of God. Jesus is the only Son of God that was sent to earth in order to be an everlasting atonement for those who put their trust in him, confess through him, and call on him in their time of need.  He is God incarnate. He is perfect. He was brutally tortured by those who didn’t understand who he was. He was put to death on a cross yet rose to life again 3 days later. He was seen by the disciples and other witnesses. He ascended into heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father. He is now and forever the Mediator between God and men. He will come back again to gather his church and to exact judgement with the wrath of God on the antichrists of earth and destroy with the double-edged sword of his spoken word everything unclean. After a thousand years of peace, a time will come when the City of Heaven, the New Jerusalem will descend upon earth, fully adorned in jasper, carnelian, ruby, emerald, amythest, and gold, guarded by angels on the 12 gates, opened to the immortal redeemed to behold the immense expanse and glory of heaven and the beauty of the river of life and the trees of healing, the peaceful rushing waters, and the majesty and awe of God who is the source of life and light to everything in heaven and beyond. 

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