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Explanation of Galatians Chapter 3
By Ato
When we read this chapter at first glance it seems that Paul is being contradictory in saying that the law still stands, but that those who follow it have not attained  life because of their lack of faith. Though Paul can be hard to understand , he tackles some of the most confusing issues related to the association of Old Testament views and New Testament views. What he tries to explain is something that so few people can grasp. The implications for this kind of understanding is extremely profound.

What Paul knew but didn’t explain:
Before the Law was given to Moses- the history of mankind had already existed for thousands of years. Imagine a world, a country, a culture, a society that had no grasp of God’s written law. The bible recounts a time when the LORD looked down upon earth and saw how disobedient mankind had become. Humans began to think that they could gain life by their own means. They began to elevate themselves by worshipping not only other men and women, but the things that God had created and so they developed idols in their hearts. In history this is true with phallyic worship, temple prostitutes, and the profane sexualization of everything that was holy. Sex and lust was at the center of almost every pagan ritual and rite and most symbols, man-made idols, and even building construction was based on sex worship.

As the bible says, “A man is a slave to whatever controls him.”

So, they were controlled by the lust in their hearts. It became so bad that they erected temples to glorify sex. Now, there is nothing wrong with sex at all! Sex is wonderful and is meant to feel good. What is wrong is when a society or culture degrades sex to the point of caring about nothing other than sex, or commiting adultery, rape, or molestation, taking advantage of another for sexual gratification, or commiting incest.

God abhors the misuse and abuse of this very special gift!

So as it were, mankind began to worship themselves by putting idols of mankind in their heart and by corrupting what was holy and created by God and degrading created things to suit their own desires. To be clear, these idols of the heart were also power, depression, anger, love of money, pride, envy, etc. They began to deceive themselves by trying to attain life through the natural wickedness of the heart. The Accuser of mankind (Satan) helped speed this along.

The Law of the LORD
Because of all of this, God came up with a set of instructions for mankind. Essentially, the Ten Commandments (as well as 600 or so other laws) were put in place as a humility lesson. The LORD said that they must obey these set of instructions, otherwise face a curse and those who break the law will die.

These laws were impossible to obey.

God knew this and hoped that mankind would see how imperfect and unclean they were, so that they would put away trust in themselves to obey the law, knowing that it is impossible- but instread admitting their imperfection at following God’s perfect rule and law for all mankind. Knowing this, they would try to follow God’s law the best they could and when they couldn’t- by admitting their faults, flaws, and sin and cry out to God in faith and asking for forgiveness for breaking a perfect law.

The LORD set two things before mankind: The Law and Faith
If a person:
-obeys the law perfectly, then he is a righteous person.
-obeys the law imperfectly, then he is an unrighteous person.
-obeys the law imperfectly, yet has faith then he is a righteous person.
-does not know the law, yet has faith then he is a righteous person.
-does not know the law and has no faith then he is an unrighteous person.

Breakdown of what Paul means:
Paul says no one can add to or set aside a duly established covenant (10 Commandments).
This means that the law still stands. The law convicts mankind and holds mankind a prisoner- so that through our brokeness, we would be locked up in sin, until Jesus Christ could set us free.
Paul says that the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ, that we might be justified by faith.
All those righteous men and women in the Old Testament had faith in God and therfore knew the LORD as the Savior, who saved them from death because of their faith. They knew the LORD as their Messiah, which means and is Christ. So the men and women of old (before Jesus came to earth in bodily form) knew the Christ, although they did not know the specifics as to when he was to come to redeem mankind, or that he was to die on a cross, or that his name would be Jesus, etc.
So all who had faith were justified. Their faith in God and our faith in Jesus is one and the same. Those who live by faith gain life after death.

To sum up what Paul is saying:
The law convicts and kills mankind because of man’s impossibility to follow it perfectly.
The law still stands and is there to convict mankind of his imperfect ways and to fulfill God’s promise to Adam that he and his seed would die.
The law convicted us while we were still alive in the flesh. If we live by faith in Jesus we are justified.
When we believe,we are putting our flesh to death because we are crucified just as Jesus was crucified. We are dead. Death has overtaken us and we no longer live according to the flesh.
Instead, Christ filled the void of death and has made us alive in the Spirit. We have died, just as Christ did and have been resurrected in the Spirit, just as Christ did.
We no longer live, but Christ lives in us.

The Point:
The law has no power after death!
Since we have died, we are no longer under the supervision of the law. Those who haven’t “died” to their flesh are still under the judgment and curse of the law. They will be judged according to their works (which are worthless) and not by faith.
The Pharisees (the law) put Jesus (a man) to death in the flesh. But the Pharisees effort to obey the law was flawed because it wasn’t combined with faith. They thought that they could attain righteousness by keeping the law for themselves and lording it above all others. The law for them was their source of power, not their source of faith in God.
This is true of many so called Christians today who are modern day Pharisees. They realize the power of the written word, yet use it to make others stumble. Or they use it to gain power, money, and influence.
These people are referred to as false prophets, false teachers, false priests, and anti-christs.
They hijack the word of the LORD and lead many to the pit, where they themselves are also destined

Some might say, “If you obeyed all of what the bible says then you would have to stone to death the person that committed adultery.

True, if a person lived in a country that had laws that enforced Mosaic Law. But we live in a contsitutional republic which has no set of laws demanding the death penalty for the crime of adultery. The United States of America is a melting pot of different races, cultures, and religions. Although this country was founded upon the guiding principles of the bible, the strict set of commandments was not applied fully to constitutional law. If it were, then our country would be defined as a Theocracy. The only way for a Theocracy to effectivly work is to have God himself as the leader of the country or a representative of God that speaks on God’s behalf, such as Moses. If there is no God or acting representative at the helm, then the vacuum that is filled is that of a tyrannical and despotic government that serves the self interests of those in charge who naturally hijack the commandments of God to justify their unjust human judgement upon others.

So, it’s fair to say that Gods laws, (the Ten Commandments) cannot be enforced by a country that is not a Theocracy.

Does this mean that the the Ten Commandments invalid?
No, they are not invalid. According to the bible , they are God’s set of laws that can never be revoked until heaven and earth disappear. (Matthew 5:18)

Who has to observe the Laws of God?
Everyone is required to observe the laws of God perfectly and without fault. This includes Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddists, Atheists, etc and even those in the remotest parts of the globe who have never been explained to about the laws of God. For the bible says that if therefore they do things required of the law then it shows that Gods law has been written in their heart.

On the same token,  it is my personal conclusion that those without a conscience will not be judged, since those without a conscience do not have God’s laws written upon their hearts. Who are they then but weapons of Gods decisive judgement and tools of God’s wisdom? For, how can a persons conscience bear witness, accuse, and defend themselves at the Last Judgement if they have none?

Romans 2:12-16

All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous. (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.) This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.

Who is there that can fulfill and observe the laws perfectly?
According to the bible, no one.

What happens if you break God’s laws?
You deserve  death because you have strayed from the perfect harmony of a perfect law and a perfect God.

Why so harsh!?
Perfection is incomprehensible and beyond understanding. If perfection is marred by the slightest unharmonious sin, then something far more deserving than death should be handed out. Because to act against an incomprehensibly perfect law is an incomprehensible act which deserves to be silenced by death. To break from the perfect harmony of God’s laws is in effect putting to death perfection. Anything off-key, off-beat, off-tempo, and out of tune with God’s perfection ruins the song of God and must be silenced (death) in order for the music to go on.

Then everyone dies because no one can follow the Law?

No. Not everyone. Only those who reject Jesus, God’s son, who is Life. If you reject Jesus then you reject life and face death. For, Jesus Christ is like a free pass into heaven. Through him, people are able to bypass the law. All who profess his name and follow him become God’s children and are given the Holy Spirit. Every sin is forgiven- past, present, and future because now you are part God because God now lives inside you, bestowing limited power in a mortal body, yet guaranteeing an immortal body upon death. I liken this to a seed before it sprouts. The seed breaks and dies, yet the true meaning and purpose sprouts from the wreckage. This will happen at the Resurrection.

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