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Giant skeleton find recalled old legend of pirate treasure
Giant gates to Goliath’s home discovered: Monumental fortification belonging to the Biblical city of Philistine Gath unearthed
Tales  of Giants and  Plumed  Serpents 
Origins of the Ohio Mound Builders Revealed!
Did Giants Once Live in Giant Buried Cities Across America?
13 Nephilim Skulls Found In Mexico?
The Nephilim Theory
The Relic of Bir Hooker Proof of a Race of Giants? 
The Claw
Secrets of Beowulf revealed: Relics discovered at Danish feasting hall which featured in Britain’s oldest epic poem
Unravelling the Genetics of Elongated Skulls – Transcript of Interview with Brien Foerster 
Archeology and the Giants
Giant Foot Print 200 Million Yrs Old – South Africa
13 Nephilim Skulls Found In Mexico?
Have explorers in Ecuador found ‘Lost City of Giants’? P1P2
The Mysterious Didanum People
Megalthomania Interview with Jim Vieira: Giants on Record in North America
Giants in Loja – Ecuador
Giant Stones moved by Giants
Did the Biblical Giants Build the Circle of Rephaim?
Footprint of the Ancient Giants?
See: Giants, Nephilim, and the Fallen Ones
The Lincoln Institute Includes Letter From Abraham Lincoln Mentioning The Giants That Filled The Mounds
Satyr skeleton – Second found by Russian scientists
Writer looks for clue in Nephilim Delavan dig
World’s Oldest Statue Is Of A Giant 17.4 Foot Nephilim From Genesis
The Lost Book of King Og
Mysterious Findings
Hidden North American Archaeology
10 Incredible Archaeological Finds Your History Books Probably Didn’t Mention
Ancient Maya Pyramid Destroyed in Belize
Antikythera Mechanism: World’s First Computer?
Ancient Roman cemetery to be opened by the Vatican next year
Pre-Adamite High Technology?
Is this really human?
Ancient Egyptian Statue Mysteriously Rotates at Museum
Ten unusual archaeological discoveries of 2013
No One Knows Why Ancient Egyptians Built This 4,600-Year-Old Pyramid
Mysterious Pentagram on Google Maps
Ancient City Found in India, Irradiated from Atomic Blast 
Looters ransack Egyptian antiques museum and snatch priceless artifacts 
Underground cities and networks around the World – Myths and Reality (Pt.1Pt.2)
The Return of the Twelfth Imam
Father Crespi and the missing golden artefacts
The Dispilio Tablet – the oldest known written text
Is This The Cause of War? Oldest Pyramid On Earth Found Buried In Crimea, Ukraine
Tutankhamun’s Brooch Holds Evidence of Ancient Comet Striking Earth 
1,600-Year-Old Goblet Shows the Romans Used Nanotechnology
Caligula – 1400 Days of Terror – History Documentary 
Flying Aircraft and Nuclear War and Other Strange Occurences of the Past
India: Footprints in Rock Evidence of Ancient People From Sky?
Sunken Egyptian city reveals 1,200-year-old secrets
Robot Finds Mysterious Spheres in Ancient Temple
Mexican Government Releases Mayan Relics Showing Extraterrestrial/ Angelic/ Nephilim Contact!?!
Ancient Civilizations? Check Out These Mysterious Structures Found On The Bottom Of The Ocean Floor
Mysterious artifacts discovered buried in the Valley of the Kings
Red Pyramid Of Egypt: Acoustic Resonance Testing
Ancient Egyptian Handbook of Spells Deciphered
Ancient Bones Found on Greek Mountaintop May Confirm Chilling Legend
Massive ancient underground city discovered in Turkey’s Nevşehir
Are you a descendant from the legendary Pharaoh Tutankhamun? A study reveals what country King Tut’s descendants come from

The rediscovery of ‘Noah’, a 6,500-year-old skeleton, who survived a Great Flood
Rare King David-Era Inscription Discovered in Biblical City
Jesus’ House? 1st-Century Structure May Be Where He Grew Up
2,500 Year Old Jewish Tablets Discovered in Iraq   (more here)Newfound ‘Gospel of the Lots of Mary’ Discovered in Ancient Text
Ancient Evidence for Jesus from Non-Christian Sources
Does a mummy mask hide the oldest known GOSPEL? Fragment of 1,900-year-old biblical papyrus was reused to craft a budget funeral dress
Where on Earth was the Garden of Eden?
Biblical Archaeology’s Top Ten Discoveries of 2014
Does Archaeology Support the Bible?
Evidence of a Worldwide Flood with Ark Hunter Jeremy Wiles
Israeli archaeologists find source of ‘Second Temple’ era stones
Biblical Philistines Came From Europe?
Christian Ink: Mummy’s 1,300-Year-Old Thigh Tattoo Revealed
Ancient Structure Found Under Sea of Galilee
The Copper Scroll of Qumran
11 ancient burial boxes recovered in Israel
David & Archaeology
A 4000-year-old tablet from ancient Mesopotamia contains the specifications for an ark pre-dating the story of Noah
The Most Precious Biblical Artefacts of All Time – But Are They Real? 
Secret Location of ‘King David’s Castle’ to be Revealed
Keepers of the Lost Ark?
The plastered skulls of Jericho
3,000-Year-Old Ophel Inscription That May Prove Old Testament Stories Are True
Relic hunters: Islamists in Syria earn their daily bread selling Christian trophies 
Israel reveals eerie collection of Neolithic ‘spirit’ masks
Detailed Analysis of the Shroud of Turin
‘Masters of Fire’ Copper Age Exhibit From Israel Debuts At Institute For The Study Of The Ancient World At NYU
Ancient ‘Ritual Wand’ Etched with Human Faces Discovered in Syria
Was Noah’s Ark ‘Was a Massive Double-Decker Coracle’ ?
1500 year-old ‘ Syriac ‘ Bible found in Ankara, Turkey : Vatican in shock !
Nine new Qumran scrolls discovered
The Shroud of Turin is Real! — Three New Dating Methods Point to the 1st Century
One of the most precious Biblical artefacts of all time to go on public display 
Searching for Sodom
Archaeologists find 2,000-year-old mansion which probably belonged to enemy of Jesus 
Has the lost Biblical town of Dalmanutha been found?
‘Covert Messiah’ Project Says They Have Proof That Jesus Christ Never Existed
…’Covert Messiah’ Theory Easily Refuted
The clues found near Mary Magdalene’s home that suggest Jews and early Christians once worshipped together
Archaeological discovery supports Biblical account of Shiloh’s destruction
Top ten discoveries in biblical archaeology in 2012
Animal Figurines Found in Ancient Israel Temple
Fate of Ark of the Covenant Revealed in Hebrew Text 
Ancient site unearthed in Ur, biblical home of Abraham
New research suggests Shroud of Turin dates to Jesus’ era
Vatican Catacombs reveal two paintings showing women as priests
10,000-year-old house uncovered outside Jerusalem
The Temple Mount
Archaeologists find coffin related to Israelites’ exodus from Egypt
Scientists Say Shroud of Turin Shows Jesus Was Crucified in ‘Very Painful’ Position, With Arms Over Head
More Deception as ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ likely isn’t a modern forgery, scientists claim
Eden May Now Rest Under The Persian Gulf
How the ‘Jesus’ Wife’ Hoax Fell Apart
The Real Noah
Seed of extinct date palm sprouts after 2,000 years
Authenticity of the Shroud of Turin….Amazing Evidence!
Archaeological Finds
Rare mark from biblical king’s seal found in Jerusalem
Pool Where Jesus Healed a Blind Man Discovered, Proves Gospel of John Is True
Jewish settlement, synagogue from Second Temple era unearthed on Sea of Galilee shore
Statue of Biblical Joseph Found: Story Covered Up
Biblical Kings David and Solomon Were Not Fiction- ‘Six Clay Seals Found’ by MSU Archeologists Deliver New Evidence.
​​Archaeology Discovery: First Century Synagogue Confirms New Testament Accounts of Jesus Christ
Explained? New Mexico’s Hebrew Ten Commandments

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