being born again

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Uncategorized
What does it mean to be born again?
By Ato

Of course not like the Pharisees thought Jesus was saying: that we must go back into our mothers womb and be born again that way.. No!

This concept may be confusing if you don’t understand what it means to be a follower of Christ. A true follower of Christ should understand what it means to be born again.

Luke 6:22

Blessed are you when people hate you,
when they exclude you and insult you
and reject your name as evil,
because of the Son of Man.

To put it simply:
In the beginning Adam and Eve lived in harmony with God. They walked and talked with him. Their nature was not corrupt. They lived in complete innocence. So then, one day Satan comes up to Eve and offers her to take a bite from the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. He convinces her that she will be like God. Well, long story short she takes a bite and offers it to Adam and he takes a bite as well. They are immediately corrupted not by some magical power in the fruit that shows them evil, but they are immediately corrupted by the realization of disobeyment towards God and that it is possible to act contrary to God’s commandments. Their freedom to disobey gets them booted out of the Garden because they became an imperfection that couldn’t walk in a Garden of perfection. To this day all of Adam and Eves descendants are inherently inclined to disobey God because of our freedom and our corruption.  How do we make it right again?
We needs God’s guidance and Spirit. Then only way to live for him is for him to live in us!
We have all been given different bodies and we all have different temperments and inclinations towards different things. It’s like trying to tame a wild horse. At first the horse will kick and strut and bite. This is our physical self. Once we accept God’s grace through Jesus we are given the spirit of God. We are given a person who will tame that wild horse, although it may take a while and the tamer may get knocked around a bit. We were once that wild horse. Now we have become the tamer and we must tame that wild horse because it is ours and we will own it someday. The spirit that lives in us is from God and is part of God. God has birthed within us a new being. This being is the Holy Spirit and is straight from God. God lives within us. God’s nature is within us and we are perfecting our bodies everyday. For one day our bodies will rise incorruptible. Yes, one day after years of hard work the horse that we have trained will be ours to keep. When you ask for God’s forgiveness by the work of Jesus Christ, then a helper will be sent to you. The helper is God’s Spirit. God will live in you and will help you through all the trials and tribulations of life. This must happen. We must start from the beginning and be born again. Not in the flesh but in the spirit. God is helping us grow and learn through the spirit of grace.
How does a person know if they’re born again? A sure way to know if you have been born again is that moment when you truly believe in your heart that Jesus is the Messiah (Savior) that died as a sacrifice to make you clean and pure before God. To know is to understand that you must follow God in the teachings of Jesus Christ and to confess every wrong thing in your life and to live in complete honesty with God to the best of your abilities. It is a new beginning and a new life because now the Holy Spirit of God resides in you, guiding you into righteousness. As is tradition, an outward way of proclaiming you are born again is to be baptized by water. The water represents death and it is the water that you must fall in to and when you emerge from the water a new life has begun! At this point you should begin to realize what is right and what is wrong because the Holy Spirit teaches you these things. Please don’t think that life will be easier now that you are a Christian. People hate what is good and some will either misunderstand or  have antipathy towards your conviction. May God bless and guide you!

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