The Great Symphony

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

There was once a great symphony that was heard . The sound was perfect in pitch and harmony. The vibrations resonated throughout the building and reverberated out into the street. It enveloped all in mirth and joy. The great composer of this beautiful song was intimately familiar with every instrument that played and knew every voice that sang. All the choir and all the musicians knew their distinguished part in relation to one another. All were aware of the movements and direction of the conductor.

Then without warning to all who played, an imposter walked into the music hall and stood behind the leader of the symphony and began to mimic the motions of the hand. Then a sound was heard that intermingled with the original sound. It was of great noise; curiously off-key but entrancing. The notes were simple yet chaotic and easy to play. Some began to play to the command of this new composer and some didn’t. Yet, to all who looked on there now seemed confusion and bewilderment.  There was now a great sound of beauty mixed with a bizarre noise.  Tragically, now even the beautiful sounds could not be heard because of the disharmony. Now it seemed everything was off-beat, off-tempo, and out of tune.

Aware beforehand of the challenge by the imposter, the original conductor commanded to security that all those that didn’t follow his lead be silenced and thrown out. Yet, it took time to sift through the symphony and find the ones who were not following the direction of the composer as there was great confusion. Amongst the chaos some realized their mistake at following the newcomer and changed their tune; some quick, some late. Some altered and shifted their gaze from composer to imposter, playing sporadically between perfection and distortion. Nevertheless, the outcome of those who played was based upon the moment of observation by the security guards and they were led outside.

In the end all were separated and those that followed the imposter were led out. In the cold they sang with cackling and screeching and the instruments played pitiful and loathsome. Finally, the imposter was kicked out and joined the confused crowd.

Everyone within the great symphony hall rejoiced and began to sing and play again in harmony with the conductor. This time everyone who sang and played remembered the prior confusion. Because of this they were now more attuned to the supreme standards of excellence and perfection. The sound that now reverberated was flawless and alive with living colors. Joy was now in the hearts of all that performed and the director was glad.

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