Hell For Part Of You, Heaven For The Other

Posted: November 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

All those who accept the blood of Jesus are saved. That is an undeniable fact. Yet, in this life we program ourselves as to the measure of our glory in the next life. At the Resurrection there will be some who will radiate like the sun. On a lesser level, others may shine like the moon. At the lowest end of the spectrum, some redeemed children of God may barely emit a faint glow of a dim light.

In this life, believers must gather as much kindling as possible so that when the wood is lit, it will burst into a gigantic bonfire seen from miles away! (I.E.: Leading others to Jesus, doing good works, abstaining from sinful acts). Every word you speak, every thought that you think, and every action you commit will determine how much glory you receive. Words are vibrational energy borne of the soul to live in the ether of space and time. At the Last Judgement, every thought will be extracted from your consciousness, every raindrop that fell on your face, every air molecule that was inhaled, every beam of light that fell upon you from the sun, and every star that shined in the night will be called in to account as a witness against you as to every deed done in this life.

So a person that has Jesus to save them: That person is wholly saved, nothing is wasted. The bad parts are cleansed and made new, yet nothing is wasted. The person is full and has lost nothing but has gained everything in Christ. For, once where the person was sick is now healed. Where once resided a tumor of poisoness addictions and lies, now self-control and truth has taken its place. They are the ones who resemble most their Maker. For God has no evil or sin.

What about Christians who then die. One has lived an evil life until on his deathbed he confesses Christ as Saviour and so is saved. Compared to the Christian who has lived a life dedicated to Jesus, spreading the gospel, helping the poor, keeping the commandments, etc?

I forsee these two compared side by side in heaven. The “life long christian” being fully redeemed and everything cleansed and the “immature christian” being fully redeemed and everything cleansed. What is the difference then?

Rewards. The “life long christian” will have greater rewards for the deeds and works they have done. They will have greater powers, greater wisdom, and greater responsibilities while the “immature christians” will have lesser powers , lesser wisdom, and lesser responsibilities.

There are those born on earth who will reject Jesus as Saviour and God. These people will someday die just as the christian will someday die.

But what about the good attributes of these people? Some loved their children. Some helped the sick and poor. Some stood for peace. They had a goodness within them that sometimes shined forth. In contrast, these same people displayed behavior typical of human beings such as self- grandiosity, lying, intimidating, cheating, malignant hate, toxic addictions, vile sexual habits, etc. They were the typical human being; doing good yet also doing evil. To sum it up they were flawed just as the christian is flawed.

I believe that if an unsaved person is 20% good and 80% evil then God will split that soul in two and put the 80% into hell and keep the 20% to himself in heaven. The unholy parts of you will be torn from you and cast into darkness. What goodness is left will be revealed and then reunited with the one who made it. The person won’t be fully saved yet part of their soul will be redeemed since the good attributes of that soul cannot exist in the death of hell.  The 20% of that soul though, will be of smaller stature in spirit, a lesser light in heaven. The other 80% of that soul, whether it resides in hell for eternity or is destroyed and ceases to exist is of small importance. For a soul that is void of love, truth, dignity, respect, honor, happiness or joy does not wish for heaven. Nor does that soul care for anything that has the attributes of God. For that soul is now a foundation of hell and it flourishes in torment of itself forever and ever in a state chaos. So, whether it is death forever and non-existence for the wasted soul or torment for eternity in a timeless state of being not knowing past or present or future,  it matters not. For self-awareness or death, darkness is the end in both.

For God is not evil. God is good. Goodness is the opposite of evil. Goodness imitates God. Perfect goodness is holiness. Evil imitates chaos and discord. Evil is sin and sin is evil. Therefore evil is contrary to God. All things good are reflections and attributes of God. Sin cannot exist in perfect goodness. Goodness cannot exist in the perfect judgement of punishment. God separates any good attributes from bad attributes. Hell is finality after judgement. Nothing good can exist in hell because goodness cannot be punished.

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