Unsavory Fact

Posted: February 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Unsavory fact: Country spreads freedom and liberty. Country produces incredible things like science, culture, goods, and wealth. Corrupt individuals get into power and recruit others like them. These individuals (who are actually sociopaths) rob massive wealth and power that has been accrued by liberty. In order to stay in power, due process is taken, sovereignty is stripped, freedom of speech is regulated, the right to bear arms is demonized  and controlled, minority ideas are pushed on the majority, and an authoritarian system of laws and regulations slowly descends upon the people. The engine of government slides into lawlessness and corruption that is related directly with the correlation of an immoral and ungodly population of citizens that have degenerated into overfed, uncaring, unthinking, zombie-like herds of hypnotized sheep. Wake up! Wake up! Come out of your slumber! Open your eyes to the Word of God that warns about you and these days!

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