Posted: February 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

Once you die, you realize your eternal-immortal state. You are beyond your beginning and exist before being born since eternity encompasses past, present, and future into a timeless state of existence. In the physical state of mortal existence our bodies corrode and die and we see this as the progression of time but in reality birth, life, and death are part of eternity. It is just another state of existence that we observe, yet cannot fully comprehend because eternity has not been fully disclosed in this life. For instance, time is a physical property. I only see you in the temporary resonance that you reside in. I still cant see you as you truly are in that moment because second by second reality changes my perception of you and time takes over as the presiding force of who I assume you to be. I cannot see reality in this way and not in this life. True reality lies after physical death.

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