infinite micromacro

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Uncategorized

Explain to me what is heaven like?
Like a redwood tree with small molecular orbits
The foundation like spinning satellites
Upon which is built aromatic fibers of heaviness and strength
Tall upon the wind, imposing and numerous
The seeds of which coded like the stars, countless and perfectly placed
move not from their ordained limits
The trunk is thickened and the branches extend
It grows and changes to an imposing state where all life thrives
The blueprint of heaven is…
Like the tree, spheres of stars and planets are heavenly atoms and protons
All in conjunction, synchronized, harmoniously revealing the Creator
What then is the heavenly body like?
The same as a massive tree that starts off breaking through the miniscule seed
The current mortal body breaks open like a shell upon death
Growth is pre-determined for the spiritual soul
Genetically coded fallen human bodies produce what has been sown
The former state of being determines the latter spiritual glory of the heavenly body
The flesh we possess is the former temple of God;
made for righteousness yet corrupted by sin
The body we receive is the new temple made of God;
uncorruptable and perfect.

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