A Parable of Lights

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

A Parable of Lights

There was once a man who found himself wandering lost in a deep and dark forest. The forest was full of thick brush and trees. The man kept walking, trying to find his way home but became more lost the farther he went. On top of that, he kept on getting cut by branches and tripping and falling on the uneven ground because there was no son or moonlight to guide his way. Then, to his amazement, in the distance he saw a light going side to side and up and down,and with that light he heard what seemed like a man shouting inaudibly. With certain curiosity the lost man began to make his way towards the moving light and as he got closer the groundbecame brighter and he could see the green trees that were previously hidden by night. Finally,the lost man arrived and saw standing in front of him another older man holding a flashlight with a big smile on his face. He hugs the lost man and says how glad he is to have found the him.The lost man looks down and realizes that there is a bag on the ground full of flashlights. The older man kneeled down and pulled out a few flashlights and gave them to the lost man. While doing this, the older man begins to tell the lost man that there are many more people just like him who are now lost in this great dark forest and who need to be found. He said, “You must go with these lights that I give you out into the blackness of night, for there is little time left because wild animals who roam the dark will snatch away those who are lost and who have fallen and been wounded. These are those who need your help because without any light they cannot see and are defenseless against the wild beasts who seek to destroy and against their own fears. When you find them, help and heal them and lift them up and show them the way. Give them one of the lights that I have gaven you so they can do the same for others who are lost. I have given you just one light so that you can see. You must find as many as you can and give them your light so they can in turn find others. The more lights there is the more magnificent the light will shine.” The lost man said his goodbyes and left the older man refreshed and renewed knowing that he was not lost anymore but found.

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