What if…

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

What if the present universe is just a mirage, an illusion, a hologram? What if we are holograms? If you see a bird, you are only seeing light reflected from protons that get processed as an image in a computer made up of vibrating energy. Vibrations on a molecular level are perceived as solid matter, which it is by definition. But there is a deeper reality to that very defintion, whereby it suffices to say that it is a completely different reality or dimension. In this reality, solid matter cannot be bound and observed in its smallest form because everything that makes up that matter is invisible vibrating energy. What we see and touch is just a projection of the multitude of pitches from vibrations. For example, what we see is is just an interaction of specific spectrums of visible light that has been filtered through the disturbance of vibrations. And what we can touch is just an interaction of vibrating molecules from our hand that make up charged nerve cells that communicate thought to our brain that process the interaction of the vibrations emitted during said interaction of touch. What I’m trying to say is that we’re not real, at least in the sense that most people think. What we are and what we see is ultimately God’s glorious harmony of music that is constantly being played in order to sustain his creation! It is the perfect pitches of vibrations intermingled with one another that harmoniously hold everything together; rocks, plants, animals, water, light, stars, and human beings! Think of the particle that when coerced to behave a specific way, the same particle a thousand light years away will move identically, regardless of distance. Whether astronomic or subatomic, eternity is seen in both. Whether visible or invisible, one is the other and each is the revealing of the opposite.

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