Posted: July 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

What we say is not what we think. What we say is what they think. We have freely handed our lives over to a government that we created and now it rules over us when it should be the other way around. Our freedom has been slowly disintegrating for years and what we call freedom now is just a word to describe what we once had. For what we have now is supervised control. Okay, maybe that’s  too pseudo-paranoid, but it is true that our freedoms are being dismantled at an alarming rate to “protect us” from terrorism. But the truth is that our form of government has been hijacked by private and public power hungry psychopaths and sociopaths that care nothing for the greater good of the nation but instead care only for themselves and their material riches. God is obsolete and their idol worship is plainly seen. It’s an epidemic that will cost the lives of millions of Americans. Yet it is we who let this happen. It is we who have been too lazy or uneducated to know who we should put into office. Now we will pay for it. Prepare to be microchipped. Prepare to be seen by a thousand cameras on your way to work. Prepare to be told to drug yourself for your own good. Prepare to be told to hold your tongue. Prepare to embrace gods you don’t believe in. Prepare to be taxed. Prepare to be the enemy.

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