Posted: July 22, 2009 in Religion

thumbnailCADKFG2KLet us not enforce our belief upon those who disagree with us. Instead, let those who hold truth lovingly and patiently persuade those of a lesser spiritual intellect into right thinking. We should not get upset when atheists bash Christianity or use disparaging words to demean followers of Christ. When those of a different religion begin to call us bigots and liars, we should respond not in anger but in concise rebuke, full of truth. When we can’t answer a certain theological question or complaint then we should respond in honesty and say, “I don’t know”. We will certainly look like fools if we debase ourselves if we use too much extra-biblical nonsense that contradicts scripture. Simple truths are drastically underestimated when defending the faith. Simple truths can be easily remembered by an unbeliever and may undoubtedly gnaw at the darkness inside them if it is retained in their heart. In my opinion, we should not try to convince an unbeliever by shoving the truth of the cross down their throat. It may work for some people but I think the majority will heave truth back up from being “fed too much food.” You have to work people into believing by feeding them small bits of God’s truth and this is done by speaking with goodness and practicing what you preach, while at the same time praying for them to understand the light of God.

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