Posted: July 22, 2009 in Thoughts

Remember not the jewels of luxury, for they have no place among you for it is only worthless dross that distracts from truth. There are many distractions in this dying world that yell for your attention. Keep your heart pure and your mind unchanging. Remember that pain and heartache will come and it will come in many forms at different times. Be solid and keep your eyes focused on God through all these tribulations. Don’t sway and give in to ideas and philosophies of the day if they are not in line with the Holy Scripture because it is most admirable to speak and practice truth when the falsehoods of the majority is held most high. They will look down upon you and call you close-minded, out of date, and deceived. But you know the truth that is in your heart and this truth is known only to God’s own who have been purchased by blood. Shrink not in the face of adversity – however subtle. Remember that even if it were possible the elect of God may be deceived. Whether it be definite evil such as the horned beast uttering his proud blasphemies or the whisper of an advertisement selling godless products. Remember that all things not of God fight against your very soul and have the effect of weighing you down with guilt and baggage. Don’t judge. Don’t guess what other people are thinking, otherwise you may treat them harshly for no reason. All people are made in the image of God, so no matter how ignorant or disdainful they may be treat them with respect, yet not forgetting to rebuke and correct. If you hate someone then allow yourself to see them as they once were- perfect and innocent as a newborn. Or as a lost boy or girl that was teased or abused throughout childhood. Those who practice evil are truly lost and they need to be shown the Way.

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