Posted: July 22, 2009 in Thoughts

My cerebellum is experiencing a form of shortsightedness. The oracles that float past my mind don’t wait for further breakdown. Synapses will soon start sparking and giving life to ethereal thoughts. Yes, a life less mundane is a life worth living. Living is experiencing the fullness of our capabilities and realizing how much happiness can be found in our supplied intelligence. Though not relevant to our joy, intelligence lays a foundation for deeper understanding of the physical universe. What gives us pure, unadulterated joy? The simple song of life does. Not power to change the will of those less endowed. Not money to buy mansions layered with gold. Not wisdom to know the intricacies of matter, space, and time. No, it is the simple strum of a guitar, an act of love towards a stranger, a warm breeze on a sunny day, or a hug from a child. For when no love exists from within a change starts to happen. The love is drawn out and a vacuum is filled. For nothing can exist within a vacuum. The replacement of love and joy is filled with material things that we will
always thirst and hunger for, yet the parched throat and the hunger pangs will never go away. So why do we hunger for those things that will never satisfy us? It is because this world is an illusion. It is one big magic trick and we are all deceived. Our hearts long for spiritual joys and because of our shortsighted, gullible nature we are tricked into believing that we know what is best for us. We cannot seem to see past our insignificant short lives. All we see is what is in front of us and fail to see the sunset and the mountains in the background. We fail to understand that the child who was abducted was our own. We cannot seem to grasp that the one we wish was dead is our beloved brother. An age old teaching says that all we have will turn to dust, unless we have love- that will endure forever. It is certainly true. The latest fashion among the coolest clothes, the pimped out car that everyone wants, the money in our bank account, the yacht in the harbor, the praise we receive from others, and the power that keeps us above the “little people” will all disappear. It will all turn to dirt and be worthless. Do not put your faith in material things for they are not real, they are an illusion that makes us think we are spiritually filled. But deep inside we are still empty of spiritual nutrients that make us healthy and acceptable before God the Father and before his Word that judges all those who choose the path of unrighteousness and falsehood.

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